VT Vinegars

For the Health of It

For more than 40 years, the Boyer family orchard has been a fall destination for families looking for beautiful fruit, homemade jams and desserts, and fresh produce. Recently, the next generation added hard cider and wine to the Boyer's experience, leading to the founding of Vermont Vinegars.

The fruit and syrups used in our vinegar and vinaigrette are grown and produced here in Monkton, Vermont on the Boyer family farm. Much of our vinegar is fermented from Boyer's Hard Cider and Wine. The vinaigrette and vinegar drinks are based on our own vinegar and flavored by family grown raspberries; sweetened with maple syrup from the family's sugar-bush, and flavored by apple syrup boiled from the orchard's sweet cider. 

A truly local product - from tree and vine to bottle.